Immigration legal services in Spain

Welcome to our law firm! We are experts in resolving all kinds of issues related to immigration in Spanish territory. At Extranjeríalex, we have a team of immigration managers, translators, secretaries and collaborators in many countries, all of them dedicated to offering efficient and effective solutions to our clients.


We offer a wide range of services to help regularize visas and residence or nationality cards in Spain. From the processing of all types of visas to enter Spanish territory in all the consulates around the world to the management of residence cards for various reasons, such as social and labor roots, training, family reunification, non-profit card and card for minors age.


In addition, we specialize in the procedures for expulsion, devolution, return and asylum files, and we offer appeals and reinstatement appeals against any administrative resolution issued by consulates, immigration offices, ministries and any Spanish administration. We also have contentious administrative appeals before the immigration court for refusal of visas, residence cards, expulsions, among others.


Another of our services is the cancellation of criminal records, so that you can regularize your situation in Spain without obstacles. We also take care of the management of marriage files, domestic partnerships and marriage registrations in the central civil registry and in any Spanish registry. In addition, we offer assistance in registering with medical insurance companies necessary for immigration procedures.


We strive to offer a complete service, so we also take care of nationality procedures and much more. We have collaborators in all Arab countries who help us process visas, and we have English, Arabic and French translators to answer your questions.


In short, we are a law firm specialized in immigration that offers you a comprehensive solution to all your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. We will wait for you!

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